Useful Heuristics

What is this?

This is a library of ideas that I’ve found them useful in business or life. From time to time, I need to describe them to friends or colleagues, so I’ve documented them and made them available here.

Heuristic: proceeding to a solution by trial and error or by rules that are only loosely defined

Product Management

Psychology of Upfront Pricing

Marketplace Design: Thickness, Congestion, and Safety

Buy, Build, or Partner: Asset Specificity, Uncertainty, Frequency

Cash Flow: Profitability, Growth, and Asset Intensity

Growth Marketing

7 Kinds of Marketing Optimization

Force Dynamics: Help, Hinder, and Let

Price Personae: Price, Value, and Quality

Trust: Ability, Benevolence, and Integrity

Quality: 8 Dimensions

Copywriting: 8 Kinds of Closing Offer

Copywriting: 5 Kinds of Headlines